Jot-downs from “Invisible People in 2019” Conference

Sara Kruzan was a former victim of sex-trafficking since the age of 11 who only escaped by murdering her pimp at the age of 17. This crime cost her 19 years of her best years in prison. 

These are some paraphrased points and key questions from her speech at the conference that really stuck out to me:

  • There are no monsters in this world, just people with trauma, often trans-generational trauma. Getting rid of monstrosities is, then, not achieved by hunting out the ‘monsters’ and eradicating them, but by helping these people and their lives to proactively reduce, resolve or prevent the trauma that plagues their lives and lineage.
  • We must believe in ourselves and in those who are struggling. Why do we have a fear of hoping? A fear of believing? What has happened to compassion and empathy? To the ability of grabbing somebody’s hand and being there for them, helping them see through to the end instead of waving them aside as failures?
  • People need meaning to stay sane, to stay human. How to find or help give people meaning is an important consideration to make. Is it through meditation and yoga? Is it by giving them knowledge, precedence and control over their own minds and lives so that they know who they are, what they’re capable of and where they stand in this world? By teaching them how to give presence to themselves?
  • Presence is a big one, the power of giving somebody presence. Could that be all that love is? If true, then this would make loving somebody seem a little less esoteric, a little less undefined, a little less difficult to articulate and do. A little less exclusive. 
  • Wealth is determined not by money, but by how much somebody gives you of their time and presence, by how many insecurities and truths about themselves they share with you with the premise that you respect it. Wealth is how much you genuinely know and connect with someone.

That, she says, is the greatest treasure. That is how you fight invisibility which in this world of ours is not a super power.

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