Rainy With a Chance of Love

"How's the weather outside?" 
is a question I want to forget how to answer right. 
Since from where I reside, 
the outside is nothing but a backdrop to your eyes. 

Lost in the threads 
of our twinning sweaters, 
I don't know where you start and I end. 
Warm until we're frozen in time, 
how can the weather outside 
be anything other than you and I, 
beautiful, and beautifully intertwined? 

Oh but it's snowing outside? 
That can't be right. 
Last time I checked it was hot on my side 
of the bed with your body pressed against mine, 
so how can it possibly be snowing?
How can there possibly be war, poverty, pain and loathing 
anywhere if you and I are just fine 
and the boundaries of anywhere end at our outline? 

Lost in a trip 
between the gap of our firing irises, 
I want to forget about the outside 
and speak only of what's inside 
because there, 
my girl, 
is where forever 
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Rainy With a Chance of Love by Thomas Baruzzi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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