SunRet Awakening

Take me to that place amid the silk, 
where time plays invisible 
because the animate world
is holding its breath still. 
Both pillows wink at each  
other to wait for it, it's  
coming soon over the hill, 
that breeze that stirs gossip 
amongst the leaves; 
transcribing birdsongs as it sweeps 
the fields, every grain and flower's tease. 
The squirrels sense it all 
and signal to the sun to smile 
harder or you and I might freeze. 
This is just nature's coddling routine, 
for when the wind, a recipe of whiffs, 
seeps in through the seams, just enough 
the world makes sure, 
then you and I know 
it's time to get up, but we 
shimmer as one,  
and pull up the sheets. 
Our pillows nestled deep, 
flushed pink, 
cheek to cheek. 
Creative Commons License
SunRet Awakening by Thomas Baruzzi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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