“Serendipity for Cognitive Science” Symposium

(7-10 September 2020)

Co-organized with Wendy Ross from The Serendipity Society, I led and moderated a symposium on the intersection between cognitive science and serendipity research: https://theserendipitysociety.wordpress.com/serendipity-symposium-what-can-serendipity-do-for-cognitive-science/

Ethics of AI Online Course

(June to August 2020)

Along with Dr. Mark Miller and some fellow students, I helped set up and organize a free online summer course on the Ethics of AI based on Dr. Mark Sprevaks award-winning curriculum (https://marksprevak.com/teaching/ethics-of-ai-ug/).

Course website: https://blogs.ed.ac.uk/ethicsofai/ (currently obsolete) 

Streaming Consciousness | The Cognitive Science Society Podcast

(Launched January 2020)

I spearheaded the creation of a podcast run by the Edinburgh University Cognitive Science Society, organizing the election of two podcast coordinators. The plan for the future is to expand the outreach of the podcast and improve the Society’s resources for recording. 

I am currently one of the podcast coordinators managing the podcast. My main roles are interviewing professors and researchers, editing and publishing the episodes, and overseeing the podcast’s influence.

Soundcloud link: Streaming Consciousness

V-PPIG | Virtual Philosophy, Psychology and Informatics Group

(March 2019)

With Dr. Mark Miller & John Dorsch.

Together we moved the PPIG online, bringing together leading researchers around the world to give online talks regarding the philosophy of cognitive science, metacognition and social cognition. My main role was creating the website and moderating the talks. 

The link to the website: V-PPIG

Innovative Minds Summer Session (IMINDS), A Cognitive Science Online Summer School.

(2019 course from June 5th to July 10th)

I co-founded and helped moderate an online summer school (IMINDS) revolved around topics at the forefront of Cognitive Science with Postdoctoral Research Assistant and Cognitive Scientist, Dr. Mark Miller. The summer course for 2019, titled “Predictive Processing, Embodiment and Conscious Experience,” is based on Andy Clark’s new ERC-funded X-spect project (https://www.x-spect.org/) and brought together lecturers and students from all over the world: innminds.weebly.com