Teal Mambos | Salsa On2

(Oct. 2019 – Jan. 2020)

Video of our performance at the 12th Scottish Salsa Congress Pre-Party:

Edinburgh Moonlight Dancers | Salsa and Bachata Fusion

(April. 2019 – Sept. 2020)

We performed at the Aberdeen AfroLatin Festival 2019 and Bachaddiction 2019.

Salsa and Bachata Dancer | EUSS Performance Team

(Oct. 2018 – Mar. 2019)

EUSS stands for “Edinburgh University Salsa Society.” This activity involved more than six hours of practice each week for two separate performance teams, one for Salsa and one for Bachata. We performed at the 34th Annual University of Edinburgh Dance Performance (Mar. 8th – Mar. 9th, 2019) and at the 10 Year Anniversary Fiesta Latina (Mar. 15, 2019). 

Videos of the performances can be found here:

– 34th Annual University of Edinburgh Dance Performance –

– 10 Year Anniversary Fiesta Latina –

Afroton Dancer | EUSS Performance Team

(Apr. 2019)

After being part of the Salsa and Bachata teams, I joined the first Afrobeats (afro dance) Performance Team of the Edinburgh University Salsa Society (EUSS). This activity involved two 2hr practice sessions during the two weeks (it was very impromtu, which is what made it so fun and open to creative interpretation!) prior to the performance at the April Fiesta Latina (Apr. 19th, 2019), during which I even rapped my own verse alongside the team choreographer.

Video of the performance can be found here:

– April Fiesta Latina –

– Afrobeats Choreography at the 11th Scottish Salsa Congress – 

Rap Afficionado

(2013 – *6 year gap, the dark ages, while I was underground* – present)

I began experimenting with rapping and producing music when I was thirteen. That’s when I produced my first song (“Hold On” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1vrI6qvQZ) from scratch under the pseudonym Chain-ge (for Chain of Good and Evil) and performed it on the stage of Solarolo Festival 2013 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxcsYUGCA_g), from which I walked off with the Critics Prize. The rest was history; this is what followed:

I keep rapping to this day for the entertainment of myself and my friends.


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