To that young couple

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To that young couple
by the dancefloor heat, where waves of frosted smoke went pirouetting through 
the open doors of the terrace where we’d never again meet.
Slender and dark haired, her r’s rolling in from the wintry east, inhales from 
the flakes that curl to the beat on her cigarette’s tip the red that fills her 
puckered lips.
An English boy so blond you didn’t believe he could belong who, leading with his 
sweeping hammerlocks, pulled me bare in ways that I myself had not the courage 
as he taught me for the very first time how to tie my hair into a waltz.
“Keep it,”
he said, then sat back down by her side on that neon-green night, the two of them 
standing out like sole colors in a neo-noir flick.
That’s when she announced
they were in love.
She didn’t look at him when she said this, which meant it was no joke. Just a 
flick of her ash that broke the dance and then began anew, and off they went, 
the sun and moon, to bodyroll unto oblivion.
Well to this day I tie my hair in the same way because I know no other and I 
still lack the courage, though sometimes I go out again on that terrace, not to 
smoke but to hope that
might look at me again with that same fire, and that
might pull me back into the flames.
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