To every all, I am the orthogonal.
The almighty shape. A sphere, 
If so inclined and compelled
To denote the abstract conceit.
Any direction will be perpendicular,
To some minuscule segment of my circumference,
Or whatever it is,
the sphere equivalent.
Any tangential is thus as well,
Just move it across, transform it
Around me
As all does
A round me
(A Side note:
does moving a line without rotation
count as maintaining direction?) 
Expand me and I swallow you
In my circular arc of infinite edges
Between which lies
The ever more infinite.
But what about that space within the inching walls?
Push one end - Edge? Bend? - And the rest will follow
To maintain the circular shape
- The same principle by which the Universe grows,
The Universe goes –
But somehow spreading without more essence
Entering the enclosed hollow.
Does the air expand, then, infinitely?
And what matter occupies the void between
The molecules (also spheres)?
And if that is not enough,
Wouldn’t the walls run thin,
At some point,
And rip?
And what does it mean to occupy space
If I can move and that same space
Is occupied no longer?
Or does it move with me?
What happens, I mean,
when I split
Any Way?
Or detract me and reduce me to
The size of the origin, oft a sphere depicted
Not a point, which is just another sphere 
amongst spheres
Within spheres.
And what is the center of said original sphere?
The centerpoint or the center of that?
Or the center of that?
By basic laws of fulcrum statics,
I grip the axes on which you stand
 - Leonardo’s man –
And carry the weight with ease
I am the 0 you cannot reach.
A 2D sphere of elliptical sorts.
Like everything is, a malleated sphere.
Warping spacetime from vertex to curve,
from curve to straight.
An asymptote, infinitely close 
but never there. The closer,
The further.
Everything is the limit as it approaches, 
But never approached.
Such that for me to reach 1,
I step over 0.8, 0.9,
And never touch base.
But for me to then turn around 
And reach all the way back
To 0.8, 0.9,
I can’t.
Must I then overshoot
For success? Or is it that 
by the very process of reaching
I will never grasp?
Only math will tell 
I guess
Or just
the limit
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