The sound of creaking
Wood on a sailing
Yacht in my head
Phones heightening my
Sensibility to the internal
Creaking of my neck
Bones as I write:

Welcome to my website!

Hey peeps!

I am a creativist, contemplative, self-proclaimed (pending my graduation in 2022) cognitive scientist on the run, forever without a home because the definition of a home posits boundaries and, if you look close enough, there really are none. 

I have lived equal amounts of time in Japan, Hong Kong, Italy and the United States. For now, I am studying Cognitive Science at the University of Edinburgh – what I love, where I love – but who knows where my search for forever will lead to next. If you do, don’t tell me.

I have a penchant for asking questions and a well-established passion for expressing myself. In this blog, I write about the mind, well-being and love, looking for revelations on these topics by inspecting them under the lenses of science and contemplative traditions like Buddhism.

Having (sorta) accepted the fact that life is objectively meaningless, I am liberated and live for the sake of fully experiencing the human condition until it lasts.  


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photo creds go to my lovely sis, as enrapturing as the photo she captured <3